About us

Greg ColemanFirst and foremost, our goal with Seninreh Berin Fitness is to get rid of each barrier – mental, physical, and emotional – that keep folks such as you from routine life.

After troubled for not being healthy myself for several years and at last finding some success, I knew I wished to start out serving to others like me.

I was therefore disgusted with infomercials and merchandising and useless fitness product, marketers merchandising dangerous supplements, and folks getting discouraged once they didn’t get results from these items. These products are designed to form cash for giant conglomerates or net marketers, to not really facilitate folks to live better.

So I started to alter that. In 2000, I purchased the domain seninrehberin.com as a result of I didn’t see anybody serving to folks like me: folks with good office jobs that love learner culture, games, books, and movies, however additionally apprehend they have to form healthier selections in their day to day lives.

There’s a reason there aren’t much ads or sponsorships on Seninreh Berin Fitness: I wished the data to be unsullied and backed by research project, studies, and since we’ve tried it ourselves we have found things that truly work.

Now, ever the years, as I created additional and content for Seninreh Berin Fitness, including automotive repairs and useful home tools – I saw a postive transformation I was creating in people’s lives and I have set my sights on providing people useful information throught my blog Seninrehberin.com

Thank You Folks
Gregory Coleman