Revolutionary Measures of Artificial Intelligence

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The Machines developed by humans are the things made to perform the specific task specified by the user. Artificial Intelligence is one different thing that can be considered to perform a task but can learn from its mistakes. Man has developed machines for the purpose to help humans and is making hope to see a bright future. Following measures can be considered as important steps taken in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Much progress has been made in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is originally known as Robots that are different than machines like more to do than a specific unique task. Progress in the programs of Artificial Intelligence can be seen easily in the Universities of North America. In the University of UCL, the students have created software that can tell the future of a sentence in court. Like the person has a 40% chance to win the case from seeing the results provided.

Biological Factors

Machines are different than humans because there is a limit for humans to process tasks in its brain and then perform it by bare hands but the case of machines is different they don’t have a limit in their biological factors. Human even today are trying to overpass their limits from using calculators or toys and many other things. Biological Factors of humans depend on mood, emotions or feelings.


A century ago not many people had access to electricity but nowadays about 80% of the people of North America have access to electricity mostly in residential areas. As America has been changed very much from agriculture to industrial country results can be seen easily. The revolution of the steam engine changed the world. People protested against it but now a person can’t live without electricity.

Google A.I. Projects

In recent years, Google has built over more than ten companies of Artificial Intelligence all around the world to provide different types of abilities to its searching engine. The other branches of Google have earned more than 70% of profit by the search engine of Google. In the coming era, the company of Google is said to be mostly dependent on Artificial Intelligence companies.


Every action you take on the search engine of Google and every word you say to it teaches it to understand you which make it Artificial Intelligence machine. Like if you ever search on Google search engine Cristiano it will give the result you like an image and if you click on it you taught Google that it is the one name, Cristiano.

AI Consciousness

What if there existed a machine in the near future that a highly advanced technological machine killed someone?  Will the programmer that made the program be punished or will the machine be get punished? The programmer has made the machine to kill people according to its action and tasks are given to it or some irrational software error took place which made it kill someone. These are the questions which are rarely asked about AI’s consciousness and very hard to answer.